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The world of exclusive paintings & popart- sculptures.

The world of extravagant design & style.

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To order a painting or a sculpture or for further questions,

please send us an Email to:    kontakt@kunstwärk.de


If you don`t use the "ä" on your keyboard, send an Email to:



Pictures and mass prints can be found in every furniture

store in the flea market, in galleries, online and from time to time

even at food discounters.

Why we stand out clearly from these

mass offers and cheap products?

kunstwärk.de from Germany is marketing only exclusive pieces.

1st class design plates for your wall.

Painted in oil or acrylic on canvas with finest wooden frame.

We have the highest quality unique to crown your living area,

your business reception or your desk with a design image,

to give your own individuality precisely expressed.

Or you are looking for a quality,

very personal gift for a special occasion?

No picture, you will find 2 times in the world.

We guarantee this exclusivity.

Not even "roughly" similar painting is offered by us,

because we want to distinguish ourselves throug

our individuality significantly from the existing range

of art objects, and this is a guaranteed promise.


It takes the first place in our meaning

and is the purpose of our work.

The special feature of kunstwärk.de:

Get in touch with us. Send us photos via email from that

location that you want to embellish with a painting.

Whether small-format pictures in 60 x 80 cm or oversized,

impressive paintings for large, representative areas.

Also a design unique in the dimension 2,20 x 2,20 m

we have already made​​.

Just as a representative circular painting with 2 meters in diameter.

Our artists finished with a final order created just for you object

that will fit perfectly in shape, design,

color design, design selection and size to your own personal

purpose and desire.

Such an individually designed work of art, made ​​especially

for you, you won`t buy or order anywhere in the world.

You could browse in the internet for years, visiting flea markets,

furniture stores and galleries ... and still would`nt find it.

We know customers who could end this year long unsuccessful

search happy, because they have seen our range

and have found a "work of art just for them" that they love and

admire forever and "for nothing in the world" they

would never want to miss their painting.

Your visitors will be satisfied absolutely and every single viewer,

even the unbelieving non-connoisseur of those

art objects will be surprised how much have

adapted to blend in with your personal environment design

position and style of the image.




A well intentioned and honest word from us for our clients:


Mass printings you can certainly safely purchase on the Internet

and can sell the goods without personal verification.

A unique design image for your home or business you are looking

for many years and appreciate.

Take one day and visit us in the district Olpe, if you are living in Germany.

( NRW / Sauerland / "Autobahn - BAB" / highway A45

between Dortmund and Siegen )

There you can take a look to your picture personally and its design,

color design and size with a cup of coffee or so.

No detail photo or images on a webpage are close to being able

to replace a personal impression.

We want you to be as our highly satisfied customer who is happy

with his decision.

Because this is our first corporate philosophy.

Therefore we would look forward very much if you choose your

picture with us personally and then

you would make a decision.

We would be happy to advise you regarding
optimal illumination of the art object !

For perfect, stylish light; nowadays realized with LEDs in a

thousand variations, is another mystery

of exclusive designs to feel good

and makes your trinket only work properly on the viewer.

We work together with exclusive lighting designers.

However, a cost-effective lighting option for your painting

is by the use of LED technology also realized at any time.


About us:

We are a young, modern company in Germany, presenting individual,

exclusive paintings as perfect and unique pieces.

We say: The "design panels" of Kunstwärk.de

And in all modesty: We are extremely successful with it.

This is the drive and motivation to make so on.

Our company was established in 2013.

We are based in Olpe, Sauerland / NW.



We welcome your general inquiries or comments !

Our Emails:





You tell us what you want - We take care of the rest !

If you have chosen a painting,

please let us know via email or our contact form.

We'll get back to you and speak all further details with you.

We are not a mass business. Each client is individually catered for.

Payment arrangements, individual delivery or pickup request

with personal advice ...

It remains no open question. Your satisfaction and enthusiasm

is the only we want.

The works of art, offered here, are uniques.

There`s the possibility, that you give us a painting commissioned,

that is created specially for you and your individual circumstances.

We talk with you all the details, you want to have.

The consultation will take place primarily via email,

so that the communication and its details

remains detectable for both sides.

This necessarily requires kunstwærk.de photos of the premises

and the surrounding environment image

of the desired future location, and photos of the existing facility style.

Also wishes regarding the color scheme,

size, orientation and design of course be considered.

After the price agreement via email, you will receive an order

confirmation via e-mail.

At this moment the contract is concluded.

At this point a deposit of 50% of the total price must also done.

Only after receipt of the deposit, the work can be started from the artist.

We will inform you immediately, if the picture is completed.

We will sent you photos of your personally painting by email.

The photo is technically projected by kunstwærk.de

to the place of destination, so that you can see for yourself how

the painting fits in its individual circumstances.

Then you have the possibility, to modify the image for 1 time by mail,

in which you tell us your wishes again.

After completion of the artistic amendment is a photo sent to

you again by email.

Than the final payment must be made by you.

Only then the image can be sent to you.

An exchange of an image for you individually prepared

as described, is excluded:

(According to § 312d / 4, sentence 1 of the German Civil Code)

You will be very satisfied !   That`s our promise !

The team of kunstwärk.de


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